Natasza Waters **Great Deal**


US Navy SEALs live a life of smoke and mirrors. Half in shadow and half in light, the dark side must always face the ones they love. Sometimes a SEAL becomes more warrior than man, and to separate them, is painful.

**Special Offer**

This series will leave a deep mark long after you’ve read it. A Navy SEAL novel that burns with intensity, romance and genuine military brotherhood. They serve their country. They live hard. They love fiercely and they die nobly. It all began with Code Name: Ghost.

Twenty years of protecting his country, Navy SEAL Thane (Ghost) Austen is an equalizer for Uncle Sam. He lives for his next deployment, and treats his women like his missions: in, out and gone until, Kayla, a Canadian liaison infiltrates his base. When a threat forces him to close ranks around her, his heart swims hard to surface. She isn’t coming to his bed peacefully, but a SEAL never gives in. Bestselling Navy SEAL series and winner of the 2014 R.O.N.E. suspense award.


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