Bound: Six Weeks of Seduction by L.A. Randar



Scheduled for a business trip to Chicago, Lauren finds herself with an unexpected traveling companion Adam. Making every attempt to rekindle their relationship Adam, asks Lauren to marry him.

The timing was all wrong when she said yes, and now she is left wondering what she has done and what she should do next. As her feelings for Adam deepen, she finds it hard to suppress her deep dark erotic desires. The very same ones that tore them apart not so long ago.

When Alex the young newly appointed attorney for her company makes a surprise visit to Chicago, she knows his only conquest is her. Enthralled with Lauren and wanting more than she can give, he soon realizes that his place is at her feet. As he learns his place his love and trust continues to grow for her. Knowing she can not settle down with one man he realizes the only way to her heart is to share her, with Adam.

Adam is reluctant to share Lauren but also realizes this may be the only way to truly be a part of her life. He can not compete with her fetishes and need for control, therefore he will also submit. As the weeks progress she finds that she can and will have them both and is determined to make it work.

” My love, I will violate you in the most seductive way.”
~ Lady Lauren ~


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