VHAMPS by J.W. Snootz




They say our twenties is the time in our lives when we truly discover ourselves. The problem is, J. has been an awkward twenty-five year old for nearly a century and still hasn’t figured it out yet. When his 100th birthday rolls around, J. realizes that he has put so much of his life into denying his true nature, that he has somehow forgotten to live it along the way. So, J. sets out with renewed determination to finally be a part of the world he has so desperately been clinging to. But, when an attempt to be the hero and save the girl goes horribly awry, the botched attempt to save Angie’s life turns his world upside down, plunging him, his friends, and the girl of his dreams into a world none of them knew existed–A dangerous world full of ancient secrets, temptation, and blood. Instead of answers, all they find are more questions. Will J. figure out what it all means and who he really is in time to be the hero?

Could he finally get his wish for a “normal” human life, or was the monster J. had worked so hard to bury, even closer to the surface than he ever thought possible?

May contain graphic sex and language not suitable for anyone under eighteen.


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J.W. Snootz has been writing since elementary school, never learning to print as a child, and having to learn cursive writing inspired me to write a lot as a youth. Writing my first novella at only 10, and staying in the 100 page realm for a long time, finally creating more elaborate stories was possible. Growing up all over the Midwest and traveling extensively you will always find some truth in all the stories I write.
I feel the best stories should always include some parts of yourself, even if it is just in your characters or places they visit. Chicago has always been home, and the windy city certainly lends itself to the indoor activity of writing in the winter. In the warmer months you can find me with my family all of us out enjoying the beach along with the great experiences and culture the city offers.
I love to write in a variety of different genres and enjoy reading a lot of different story types as well. I also love to hear from and interact with the fans and other authors so always feel free to say hi and share your thoughts. “My motto is, if you don’t like the truth then don’t make it the truth!”


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