NOT YET MY LOVE by S.J. Warner


Blackened silk

Tied so tight

Bringing him peace

As it took his sight

Leather cuffs

Fastened round wrists

Stretching him out

No room to resist

Whispered words

Making heart race

Tales of silk

Ribbon and lace

Eager to please

But wanting to touch

Bound so tight

It was nearly too much

Fingers trace

Nails softly graze

Muscle and flesh

Which she did praise

Something soft

Across his chest

Making him gasp

As she continued to test

As crop tasted flesh

His body contorted

Fingers reached round

His submission rewarded

Slowly she stroked

Before striking once more

Pain coming first before

Pleasure bursts forth




And again

Still he held back

Wanting to please

Not realising she

Had fell to her knees

Hot breath brushed

Across swollen tip

Making him swallow

Hoping she’d slip

Her luscious lips

Round his hard shaft

Jumping slightly

As his Mistress laughed

“Not yet my love

But soon you shall see

Just how good it will feel

If you please me”

Her nails running

From base to head

Passionate moans

At the marks oh so red

Slowly she teased him

Close to insane

Moaning continued

Mumbling her name

Impassioned cries

Beg for release

Her hand caresses

Began to increase

Feeling him tense

Beneath her hand

Smiling softly as

She felt him expand

Walking away

She heard him moan

Leaving him hanging

In the room all alone…

© S.J Warner 2015.

Photo by Jennifer Tanner Photography. Used with kind permission from Shelly, PA to Scott King.


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